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Home door spherical lock smart lock

Home door spherical lock smart lock

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Upgrade your home security with our Home Door Spherical Lock Smart Lock! This state-of-the-art lock is designed with your safety in mind, featuring a semiconductor fingerprint head for lightning-fast recognition in under 0.5 seconds. Made from durable aluminum alloy, this lock is built to withstand tough conditions and will keep your home and belongings secure for years to come.

With a resolution of 508DPI and a lock core level of pure copper, you can trust that this lock will keep intruders out. The lock offers multiple unlock methods, including fingerprint, key, password, magnetic card, temporary password, and even app unlock with the optional WIFI feature. And with a capacity of up to 100 fingerprints and 200 fingerprints + password + swipe card + 2 keys, you can grant access to family members, friends, and trusted individuals.

Our Home Door Spherical Lock Smart Lock is perfect for the modern smart home. With its sleek design and advanced features, it's an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home security. The lock is easy to install and comes with an app that allows you to control access remotely. You can even set temporary passwords for guests or service providers.

Don't settle for a basic lock – upgrade to the Home Door Spherical Lock Smart Lock and enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is secure. Try it out today and experience the convenience and security of a smart lock!

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