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Smart Intercom Network Camera Home - ABS Material, 200dpi Pixel, Network Camera

Smart Intercom Network Camera Home - ABS Material, 200dpi Pixel, Network Camera

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Introducing our Smart Intercom Network Camera Home, a cutting-edge security solution built with advanced features to provide peace of mind and enhanced surveillance. Crafted with durable ABS material, this rectangular network camera offers superior performance and reliability.

Equipped with a high-resolution 200dpi COMS image sensor, it captures crisp and clear visuals in stunning 1080P resolution. The 60mm lens ensures a wide field of view, allowing you to monitor a larger area effectively. With a minimum illumination of just 0.001 Lux, even the darkest corners are illuminated for clear visibility.

Designed for seamless integration, this network camera supports alarm functions and offers an effective distance of 10 meters. The 720 surveillance camera lens and infrared lamp with a 5-8 meter irradiation distance ensure optimal visibility, day or night.

Operating at a working temperature of up to 65℃, this camera is built to withstand harsh environments. Powered by a 5V power supply, it guarantees continuous operation and reliable performance.

The electronic shutter with a speed of 1/3 ensures precise image capture even in fast-paced scenarios. With its OEM version, you can enjoy up to 10 hours of uninterrupted video recording, allowing you to review and analyze footage effortlessly.

Upgrade your security system with our Smart Intercom Network Camera Home and experience unparalleled monitoring capabilities. Trust in its superior technology and robust construction to keep your home or office safe and secure around the clock.

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